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The urethral stricture is a scar in the tube through which the urine (urethra) is expelled, which makes it difficult to pass.

What are the causes of urethral stricture?

  • Hypospadias surgery
  • The manipulation of the urethra by probes or surgeries through the urethra.
  • Urethral injuries due to car accidents or work accidents driving heavy machinery.

What treatment do we offer?

Most urologists, when faced with urethral stricture, usually perform an internal urethrotomy, which most of the times is a temporary palliative treatment, because it only has a 30% success rate. However the treatment we use: urethroplasty with flaps or grafts or anastomotic procedures, are much more effective , with a success rate close to 90-95%.

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We have a success rate close to 90-95%